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The Faculty "Automobile Transport"

The Dean of the Faculty is Bykov Valeriy Vasylyovych


Specialties of the Faculty

"Automobiles and Automobile Sector"


Departments of the Faculty

Automobile Transport
Road Construction Machines and Machine Parts
Strength of Materials and Structural Mechanics


The Faculty "Automobile transport" is one of the oldest faculties of the Automobile and Highway Institute of the State Higher Educational Establishment of “DonNTU”. Its history began in Horlivka in 1971 as a part of a branch of Donetsk Polytechnic Institute. Since then it has become a basic faculty of Horlivka branch and further, the Automobile and Highway Institute.


Now, as in 1971, the Faculty prepares specialists on the specialty "Automobiles and Automobile Sector." This specialty was the base and in the mid-90s began training specialists on the organization and management of traffic and on the organization of transportation and management on transport.

Now there are three Departments on the faculty: "Automobile transport", "Road Construction Machines and Machine Parts", "Strength of Materials and Structural Mechanics". The Departments are headed by the Professors, Doctors of Technical Sciences.

It should be noted that the research activities of the faculty of all departments are aimed at the development of the automobile transport. Powerful research capabilities were established at the faculty and now candidates of technical sciences perform their work at the departments.


The Faculty established not only traditions and scientific schools at the institute, but also left a deep mark in the industry of Donbass. Annually the faculty prepared at least 200 mechanical engineers, specialists and masters. Improving the quality of training at all times has been one of the main directions of our institute and now our experts work not only in the field of automobile transport, but also head the top echelons of the state power.